About Cat Space Enclosures

Cat Space Enclosures is a business with big design ideas when it comes to cat enclosures for outdoor spaces. We as animal lovers are passionate about helping keep cats safe and happy at home. By doing this cats live longer because they are kept out of harm’s way. Our wildlife can also breathe a lot easier knowing their numbers are not diminishing from free-roaming cats acting on their natural instinct to hunt.

Our team consists of two very creative individuals who enjoy building and assembling cat spaces to provide your furry family a happy outdoor lifestyle. We strive to design and build enclosures that not only provides security for your cat but also blends well with the existing landscape. .

We are grateful to our customers for the growth of our business. Customer satisfaction will always be important to us; otherwise, there is no Cat Space.

Think of Cat Space for well designed and installed cat enclosures in Perth.