Cat Net Enclosure

Cat net enclosures are perfect for enclosing an open area in the backyard or a cat run to enclose the long and narrow area down the side of a home.

By securely attaching Low-Vis HDPE cat net to surrounding structures you can be guaranteed that even the best Houdini cat will not escape.
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Cat Framed Enclosure

Cat Framed Enclosures provide the framework to create a boundary or extend an outdoor living area. Ideal for patio or entertainment areas where the possibilities are endless with framed cat enclosures.

Framed cat enclosures are made using galvanised steel tubing and steel mesh. The roofing consists of specialised HDPE cat net and high-grade stainless fittings.The use of galvanised steel adds extra benefits to any cat enclosure, especially when it comes to strength and low maintenance long-term. For better longevity and toughness choose a framed cat enclosure made from galvanised steel.
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