About Framed Enclosures

Framed Cat Enclosures provide the framework to create a boundary or extend an outdoor living area. Ideal for patio or entertainment areas where the possibilities are endless with framed cat enclosures.

Framed enclosures can be made from lightweight aluminium or galvanised steel tubing. The aluminium tubing comes in black satin or mill (silver) finish. Black Low-Vis cat net is used to enclosure the aluminium framework. Not only does it provide a secure space but gives your cat the best possible view from inside the enclosure.

Galvanised steel enclosures are heavy-duty and ideal when extra security is needed. The galvanised steel framework is enclosed with wire mesh and comes with a hinged door for easy access. In a rural area galvanised enclosures keep out predators such as foxes and wild cats.

All framed enclosures can be weatherproofed on request with polycarbonate roof sheeting. No need to worry about the outdoor elements.

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