Get Your Kitty Cat Ready For Spring

cat enjoying spring time

What does springtime mean for cats?

Cats are just as ready for spring as we are! They also enjoy the warmer weather. Cats tend to head outdoors to seek out the sunshine. The sun creates plenty of sunny spots within the garden for sunbathing. Springtime evokes sensory overload for cats with plenty of new smells to keep them stimulated. The longer, warmer days bring on the mating season. While female cats come into heat, the males become very territorial. This natural cat behaviour can become a threat to domestic cats that are unprotected outdoors.

What does this mean for cat parents?

It’s time to keep your cats at home safe from roaming cats while they enjoy the outdoors. Enclosing an outdoor area with a suitable cat enclosure will help protect family cats.

What type of cat enclosure will be suitable?

The most common cat enclosure is the side of a house netted enclosure. It is often referred to as a cat run. This narrow area down the side of a home is perfect because it is often underutilised. A netted cat enclosure consists of UV stabilised, low-vis cat net, stainless steel fittings, and a steel gate or zipper panel for access.

Don’t risk your cats’ safety by using underskilled installers or DIY installations. Cat Space Enclosures are highly skilled and qualified to build secure cat enclosures. Using only the best quality materials to ensure all cat enclosures are safe and durable.

Keep cats safely at home with an outdoor cat enclosure this spring. You’ll be the best cat parent in the street.

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