Outdoor Cat Enclosures: 10 Reasons Why You Should Get One

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On average, an individual pet cat kills 186 reptiles, birds, and mammals per year, and pet cats also kill nationally 390 million animals. That is a staggering figure and does not even include feral cats. Responsible cat ownership means protecting the wildlife in your neighbourhood from the cat’s natural instincts through safe cat containment. But it is not all about saving the wildlife. Safe cat containment is also beneficial for your cat.

What is Safe Cat Containment?

Responsible cat ownership in 2021 means safe cat containment to prevent your cat from roaming and killing wildlife. It is becoming more common for local councils to introduce cat containment laws restricting the outdoor movements of your pet cat. Cat containment means that your cat cannot leave your house or backyard to roam freely. And if you are a cat lover, then you may have serious doubts about restricting their access to nature and the outdoors. The thought of locking up your beloved cat makes you shudder. But what if we told you that it was an act of love to keep your pet cat enclosed? What if we told you it would extend their life?

Why should I keep my cat contained?

Besides the increasing awareness of our diminishing wildlife, owners will face fines to help enforce local council restrictions for roaming cats and safe cat containment.
Moreover, cats that live indoors or within an outdoor cat enclosure live longer, happier lives. We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why safe cat containment leads to a happier and healthier cat and why you should consider installing a customised, purpose-built cat enclosure in your home.

  1. Traffic: Traffic is the number one killer of pet cats. An enclosure will prevent cats from roaming and being killed on the road.
  2. Other Animals: Cats are territorial. They will fight to defend their territory from other cats. They can also have nasty run-ins with neighbourhood dogs. Injuries, infections and wounds from these encounters can lead to high vet bills.
  3. People: Not all people love cats. Keep cats from coming into contact with the cruelty and criticism of those who dislike cats.
  4. Overeating: Conversely, it’s surprising how many cats have multiple families/homes that they visit for extra meals. In addition, they can catch and kill for food or raid bins – none of which is particularly healthy for them.
  5. Toxins & Poisons: You don’t know what poisons or toxins may be lurking in your neighbourhood. Insect or rodent baits, fertilisers and herbicides, some plants – all can cause cat poisoning and necessitate a trip to the vet.
  6. Diseases: Cats can catch diseases from feral cats, other domestic cats, infected rodents or birds and reptiles that can be life-threatening. Keeping your cat enclosed safely will prevent this danger.
  7. Choking: It’s common for cats that wear collars to find themselves stuck by their collar in what can often be dangerous circumstances. If the collar is not quick release, the cat can choke.
  8. Fleas & Ticks: keeping puss inside or within an outdoor enclosure will dramatically lessen Exposure to fleas and ticks.
  9. Anxiety: Cats are very cautious creatures by nature and often suffer from anxiety. A safe enclosed space with a comfy spot in the sunshine where no harm can come to them will reduce anxiety levels.
  10. Live Longer: With all of these dangers removed from the life of your kitty cat, they should live to a ripe old age, snoozing in the sun, playing and climbing inside their outdoor cat enclosure, or cat run.

Will my cat be happy contained at home?

A newly adopted kitten is still young enough to be conditioned for indoors or an outdoor cat enclosure. For older cats, it’s best to ease them into the containment by ensuring they are indoors at night and then slowly extending the time during the day. Make sure they have adequate play areas and toys to keep them distracted as their time indoors increases.

Outdoor Cat Enclosures

A customised cat enclosure by Cat Space Enclosures is worth it for all these reasons and more. The team at Cat Space Enclosures will create a bespoke space for your favourite cat that will be part playground, part 5-star cat resort. It will be an excellent addition to your outdoor area; the wildlife will thank you, and your cat will be more than satisfied.

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